Froing in Orange, Insecurities, warts and all


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IMG-20150704-WA0001You know how we all have a part of us we are very self conscious about? Mine is my hair. I have what we call back in Lagos, Alhaja hair, you know the kind of hair where the  edges are non existent. My hair has been like this for years. My edges are so light weight , any slight tug on it pulls it off . To braid is to find trouble, I remember one Christmas season, I made tiny braids, omg! The pull of the extensions totally decimated my edges so much so that I had to respectfully cut my hair after taking it off. Continue reading

Lookbook – Iamisigo AW2015 collection titled ‘EastofWest’


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i am isigo collection 23Iamisigo is a Nigerian fashion brand owned by the stylist to the stars Bubu Ogisi. This collection according was inspired by by parallels between the her youth and the 1950s American film Calamity Jane which starring Doris Day. The collection features neutral hues black, grey, white with a burst of yellow. A lot of trends come together in this collection, Boxy shapes, culottes, a nod to the seventies trend in the bell bottom and wide sleeves,  the fringes where they appeared were quite loud and in some cases overwhelming, crotchets were applied provocatively to create a form fitting silhouette.

I think the collection is very ambitious and raw, required a bit of a restraint in its execution. The designer is young and very creative and definitely one to look out for. What do you think of the collection? Continue reading

Hot or Not? Eku Edewor in Iamisigo


TV girl Eku Edewor attended the Alarm fashion night out in Lagos wearing this fringe pant from Iamisigo’s AW2015 collection – East of West. I think she wore it well. That pant is such a statement piece and requires one hell of an attitude to pull off and I say Eku’s got it.  She styled the pant with a black top and cross bag,  hair pulled to the back and topped up with a red lipstick.
So what’s your verdict? Did she rock it or not and would you dare with that pant?

Kim Kardashian West is all boobs for Rolling Stone Magazine, July 2015


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I really respect Kim’s hustle. I believe she is a trend setter , one of the most stylish women of  this generation and deserves the style Icon award. What I dont get however is why she continues to do nude or almost nude photo-shoots, I mean, I get it that it was the nude that launched her into fame, but she has done so much with her opportunity that I dont get why she still thinks it relevant to keep at it especially with the hate she gets from the public.

This minute she is crying at the hate she receives from the public and bemoaning the fact that people dont take her seriously, the next minute she is doing the same thing that gets tongue wagging. In some twisted way, I think she knows what she is doing and enjoys playing with the public.

As ‘Boobsplosion’ on covers go, this cover is tasteless, there is no class whatsoever about it, If Kylie does a cover like this, maybe yeah but not Kim, her style is way classier than this. Too many colours, topped with that hat is just too Juvenile and trying way too hard. But she is glowing though, I gotta give her that. Damn, where was Kanye when this was shot?

Bright and Grey


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IMG_2073 IMG_2074IMG_2140IMG_2077IMG_2072I really cant help myself lately, I cant stop stocking up on white tees, blouses, shirts and I cant stop wearing them. I call them my cheat style. They are so effortless and go so well with literally everything . On days when I really cant be bothered or previously planned outfit falls apart, I reach for my trusted white top and it always comes true.

White Tee – Zara on sale, Sandals – Zara old but similar Here, Skirt – Primark old

Blogger Julie Sarinana for HM – Autumn Fashion

I love the simplicity and playfulness of the collection, its very trendy, the pieces are very true to her aesthetics and affordable. The floral playsuit and white crinkled dress are my faves. Unfortunately, the playsuit which is very affordable is already sold out online but other pieces are still available. You might want to quickly grab yourself something if you can while you can. What do you think of the collection? Continue reading


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