Still mad about Plaids and Gladiators


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IMG_2457I am in serious trouble guys! I am about to blow up, I have been digging into every sinful treats you can think of. My hubby is on leave, his mum is visiting, my step kids are on vacation here in London and a cousin so its a madhouse. We have had to fill the house with loads of foods, drinks,snacks. icecream, all of the junks you can think of and I cant stop myself from nibbling on some of these. Its crazzzyyy!!! but funn!

I hopped on the scale yesterday and I have put on a pound already. Urggh! I hate how its sooo easy to put on weight yet so hard to loose it, its just so annoying.  I am certain I will put on even more before the week runs out. We will all be going off on a mini vacation this weekend so help me God!IMG_2449IMG_2454IMG_2461Dress – Zara sold out but like this one here too. Sandals – Justfab, Bag – French connection.

How to dress when you are over 30


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I recently happened upon this blog called Forever Amber and as I always do when I come across a new blog I love, I submerge myself in it. Anyway I came across this article on her blog titled “Why Women Over 30 Should wear whatever the hell they want”. Apparently this was response to an article by an another writer outlining what and what not women over 30 should wear. You can read it here even though I hate that such ridiculous and stupid write-up is getting all this attention and hits. The list is just downright superfluous, I am like for real? Wait what do women over 30 look like? Who are they? I suppose this writer is under the assumption that once we hit our 30s, we somehow just metamorphose into some amoebic structure, you know we suddenly grow fat, with jiggly thighs and protruding tummy .

That said, I have to admit though that since I hit the big 30s, I have begun to question some of my fashion choices, in addition to the usual questions pertaining to fit, body type, comfort, appropriateness that accompany dressing up, I have added “do these make me look grown up?”. I have become obsessed with dressing more grown up even though I am yet to decipher exactly what that aesthetics consists of.

Personal style evolves with everyone, it involves trials, interest and time and while I will not wear some of the things I wore in my teens or even twenties now, it absolutely has nothing whatsoever to do with any stupid rules but more about me and what I now feel comfortable stepping out in. In my mid 20s I was all about loud and outlandish accessories but now I barely accessorize, a tiny neck-piece, a tiny pair of earrings that I sleep in, bathe with, menswear watch and my wedding bands are my goto now. They are fuss free, practical and make me feel good and grown up.

So whats my recommendation? Nothing! Wear whatever the hell you want to wear! It’s as simple as that! Wear whatever you feel comfortable in, wear a bum shorts if you want to, I sure as hell still do, wear hoop earrings if you love it, screw all the damn rules and just live whether you are forty, fifty or hundred! The only thing I will add is to try to stay away from cheap looking fabrics and ensure the fit is 100. JUST OWN IT BABES!


What I wore – Plaid Shirtdress



Hi guys. How is your Sunday? My mum-in-law is visiting. She came in late last night, the housr had bern bubbly, my bro in law and his son were also around and so we stayed up through the night, drinking and catching up on all the village and local gist. I didn’t get to sleep until at about 3am this morning while the rest of the family went in by 5 am .

8am and we are awake again because it don’t matter what time we went to bed once the little ones wake up, we have to wake up too, you know the drill now.

The fun continues today, Emeka and I are bent on fattening his mum while she is her and speaking of fattening, according to my mum-in-law, I am too skinny and in need of fattening myself(hahaha). Her theory is that the more robust I am, the prettier I become and the better fitted my clothes become, see the irony of life.

I wore the dress shirt and shorts out yesterday for grocery shopping with the hubby, it’s a simple, casual and fuss free fit perfect for the occasion.  These pictures were taken with my Samsung note 3 so excuse the quality. By the way, I think the note 4 is so buff, the picture quality is sooo good. I took a photo with a friend’s recently it was really good. Once again, Happy Sunday! Emeka is making us some peppersoup and rice, I am off to have me some. Take care and see you soo . Xoxo.

Dress shirt – Newlook

Flatform sandals – HM

Shorts – HM20150718_145328 (2)20150718_14533920150718_14532520150718_145328

How to loose pregnancy weight (my story) Contd


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IMG-20150621-WA0009I am so sorry this is coming late. In my defence, caring for the little one is never easy. We have just established a routine where I put her bed at night and she actually sleeps for a while before she starts screaming for me. I will jump into this post as I cant afford to ramble, time is a very scarce commodity when you have a little one or little ones as the case maybe. I tell all of you who are yet to have kids, ENJOY YOURSELF NOW TO THE HILT! Because when the little one comes along, time alone will be a memory.

Firstly I will give credit to breastfeeding. I breastfed my little one exclusively for five months and have only just introduced her solids. I am still breastfeeding her and will do so until she starts to grow teeth, she is a late bloomer in that regards. It is said that breastfeeding helps to shrink the womb and aids weight loss along with all other numerous health benefits both for baby and mum. I hear some people worry breastfeeding will cause their boobs to loose elasticity and droop, that’s one big fat lie, nature will eventually have her way and as my people will say and what goes up must surely come down, however you can buy yourself time by investing in a good nursing wear it 247, Yes I said 247, you only take it off to shower! I sleep with mine, wake with it and breastfeed my baby with it and I am happy to announce that the breasts are still quite perky and firm :D. Continue reading



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IMG_2394I am not an all black kinda girl, I think its quite tricky with my complexion which is neither here nor there, not light skinned and not dark skinned enough, but this day I was feeling kind of ble , the weather was ble, the easiest thing I could reach for in my wardrobe was black shorts and tank, threw the jacket on as summer went on a mini vacation here in England. The good news is that the weather guys say it should return by tomorrow.

Till I am back again with another post. Stay blessed and continue with whatever it is you are doing at the moment, the result you are expecting might be a tad late coming in but keep at it and with time, everything will be alright. Remember, Rome was not built in a day and the journey  of a thousand miles begins with a step. Thanks for visiting the blog and please do come back and leave your nice comment here on the blog :D. Continue reading

Catch up on the latest fashion juice for the week – Anna Wintour attempts a smile clad in a bathrobe, the £50000 wedding dress everyone is talking about and more


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Ciara is winning totally, a gorgeous son, new music, new man, and now a new gig as brand Ambassador for Topshop (Topshop announces her as the new Brand Ambassador, USA)

Continue reading

Fabulous looks spotted this week – Gabrielle union, Kate Henshaw, Lupita, Anna Wintour and more make the cut


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Gabrielle Union looked quite stunning in a denim on denim ensemble paired with white sneakersGabby making a stunning case for the classic denim on denim fit, its no wonder it never goes out of style. Continue reading


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