Look of the Day – Diane Kruger out and about in Malibu

This look is everything that summer chic is about and more. The matching set is so airy and lightweight and very ideal , its so on trend with the cullotes, the icing on the cake however is the pastel gorgeousness of the outfit. I would wear this in a heartbeat. Pastels are always a trend in summer and I have got my eyes on some piece already. What summer trend are you getting lately?

She is wearing a 3X1 top and cullotes.

Image credit – vogue.com

Camel x Black

I know its spring and I am supposed to be bursting out in colors. Hey guys I am still transitioning. See how I showed my legs there? And wrapped my upper body in comfy warm poncho? That’s exactly London for you right now. Too cold to wear your tees alone but just the right temp to layer on a light trench or poncho.  

           I love trench weather, I am definitely bursting them out and as the days go on, get ready to see me style some trench on here. 

Mules – F&F , skirt – newlook, Poncho – Tkmaxx, sunglasses – vintage , hat – HM

Palm Prints

Summertime heralds bright colors and  bold prints especially the palm prints. They have to be the most iconic summer prints in my opinion. Just take a look at all the stores, they all carry the palm prints in different shades and sizes.     Lately my style have been tending towards minimalism and monochromatic so the moment I saw this print in blue and white I knew I just had to have it.      The good thing about co-ords is how you can wear them together on a lazy day or as separates on better days 😀. 

Co-ords and mules – F&F , bag – Zara , Sunglasses- River Island from Asos. 

The Trench coat

It’s the perfect weather for lightweight trenches and I love it. I got this coat from a second hand shop in Helsinki Finland for 10 euros definitely one of my best buys. I am a terrible cheapskate when it comes to clothes mainly because I don’t repeat outfits so often so why spend so much on outfits I would wear say 10times a year? Bags however are a different story, I would definitely splurge on them. I could wear one bag all day for a year. What would you splurge on?           

Mules and Tees – F&F, Trench – secondhand, purse – zara

Matching stripes

  One of the incalculable numerous joys of motherhood is being able to match outfits with ones baby especially when you are both of same sex like my baby and I 😄.         It’s my bday in a bit and seriously I am so thankful. I have got the best gift ever already- my darling lil pumpkin everyother thing is a bonus.

  Inothernews I can now fit into my prepregnancy clothes, I hopped on the scale today and guess what? It’s 69.8kg  baby. I still got a few more to loose but hey I am happy 💃🎵


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