The Trench coat

It’s the perfect weather for lightweight trenches and I love it. I got this coat from a second hand shop in Helsinki Finland for 10 euros definitely one of my best buys. I am a terrible cheapskate when it comes to clothes mainly because I don’t repeat outfits so often so why spend so much on outfits I would wear say 10times a year? Bags however are a different story, I would definitely splurge on them. I could wear one bag all day for a year. What would you splurge on?           

Mules and Tees – F&F, Trench – secondhand, purse – zara

Matching stripes

  One of the incalculable numerous joys of motherhood is being able to match outfits with ones baby especially when you are both of same sex like my baby and I πŸ˜„.         It’s my bday in a bit and seriously I am so thankful. I have got the best gift ever already- my darling lil pumpkin everyother thing is a bonus.

  Inothernews I can now fit into my prepregnancy clothes, I hopped on the scale today and guess what? It’s 69.8kg  baby. I still got a few more to loose but hey I am happy πŸ’ƒπŸŽ΅

Minimalist Chic

Lately I find myself drawn to black white blue and khaki. I have subconsciously filled my wardrobe with these shades , they are easy to style, I can either go mono on a shade or mix them up and go and as a new mum with baby demanding my 100% attention , the less fuss the better. 

That said though, with summer just around the corner I will consciously seek brighter colors hopefully 😊       
Boots leather pant and top – HM , Blazer – F&F , Bag – Asos


So who knows I just may post more on the blog. The pictures for now are taken with my Samsung note and edited with my IPhone. The only reason I haven’t been updating is because I had no one to take my picture with my camera and not because I haven’t been my usual stylish self πŸ˜‰.   

  Truth is, it’s much more easier to whip out your phone, point it to your friend or partner and go “could you take my picture please” somehow it doesn’t seem like a biggie plus it’s easy and fast just like in the picture below taken right before we went into Aldi for some grocery shopping.      

Style tip for my fellow thick and curvy ladies craving shorts dungaree or play suits, go a size or two up, I find that it’s much more flattering that way and gives off the illusion of skinny. 

Blogged from my phone and it’s so much easier and faster. I have got lots of picture backlog so please do check back for more post. Promise to be good 😘 this time. 

Outfit ideas for Valentine day featuring leather, fringe, tartan and booties


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Outfit ideas for Valentine day featuring leather, fringe, tartan and booties

Black top
Β£83 –

Imitation leather skirt
Β£34 –

Acne Studios heel booties
Β£390 –

Black purse
Β£320 –

Guerlain lips makeup
Β£24 –


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