My Style – Fringe x Suede


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IMG_2540It was love at first sight with this Zara fringe skirt. I copped it immediately I cast my sight on it. Fringe and suede are very bang on trend this season so its two for one here I am on the fence when it comes to trends, I buy what I like, I wear it how I like it it, style is all about comfort with me. I have always given the fringe a side eye, it can easily go boho/disco and that isn’t quite my aesthetic at this point, I am currently all about that put together, grown ass , minimal chic look but this skirt is different, I knew I would own it. Its black, its structured and its transcendental, easily take one from summer to Autumn to winter and back. I will be definitely be wearing this with tights and over the knee boots for the colder days and hopefully take some shots while at it.IMG_2535IMG_2587IMG_2552IMG_2592IMG_2590IMG_2545PS – I am currently on the hunt for a pair of affordable block heeled over the Knee boots, I missed the Zara ones, I would love one that doesn’t slouch, kindly recommend one please if you have an idea. Thanks.

Skirt – Zara, Top – Primark, Sandals – Zara (old), Bag – Zara, Shades- Rayban

Thoughts on Miley Cyrus’s VMA stage looks


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MTV VMA was yesterday and while we are still buzzed about the fashion, I couldn’t stop smh and reeling at Miley’s stage props, she is just so amusing trying so damn hard to be a bad girl (something Rihanna does so effortlessly), she is like a lost puppy, I hope she finds herself soon enough. So what do you guys think of her VMA stage costumes and performance as well as the red carpet fit below.2015+MTV+Video+Music+Awards+Arrivals-miley-cyrus

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My style – Ankara print suit


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IMG_2610You know how you conceive a style in your head, you go to the market, buy the material, take it to your tailor, explain the style to him, he studiously sketches what he imagined you had just described to him, he tells you when to come pick up your clothe, you advance him on the agreed fee and go home . Fastforward to the date you are supposed to pick up the clothe, anxious and happy you arrive at his place, he brings out what he made and its a far cry  from the style you discussed, the style you took the pain to explain in details to him, there is absolutely nothing you can do about it now but to see how you can work with you got. That was exactly what happened with this outfit of mine. It was intended as a  T-shirt top and ankle pant but somehow metamorphosed into these, for the longest of time I wondered how to salvage this fit till it came to me, Eureka! make a jumpsuit out of it and cinch it at the waist! IMG_2611That was exactly what happened with this outfit of mine. It was intended as a  T-shirt top and ankle pant but somehow metamorphosed into these, for the longest of time I wondered how to salvage this fit as I really loved the print and then it came to me, Eureka! Tuck the top into the pants and make a good ol jumpsuit out of it and cinch it at the waist! And  Voila! What do you think? There is always a solution to every  tailor ruined or transformed fit. Have you had a similar experience with your tailor? Sound off make we laff it off in the comment section jare. Life is to short to stay mad!IMG_2613 IMG_2614

Jumpsuit – My design, Sandals – River Island, Glasses – Vintage, Bag – Vintage, Belt – Lagos Island, Nigeria

This week’s Must have – Sonique Saturday’s “You Fake Like This Birkin bag”


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I saw this bag on Insta and my heartbeat literally stopped and seriously guys I haven’t felt this way about material things in a bit, I just had to share with you my lovelies. The bags are gorgeous, they are large so enough space , pretty affordable at  £110 and come in various fabulous colours. These beauty will elevate the simplest of fits in an instant, think a maxi dress, or denim pants, white tee, a pair of heels, a pair of sunglasses, one of these arm candies and snap! you are so ready to hit the street style. Celebrities such as Amber Rose and Christina Milan have been seen spotting this candies. Love it? Get yours here. Continue reading

Rock it or Ditch it? The Red Eye Shadow Make Up Trend


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Red eyeshadow beauty trendHmm, this trend is very risqué, it is definitely for the audacious ones. The look first made its appearance on the runway but unlike some others that stick to just runways and editorials, this one has found its way to the red carpet ala Cara Delavigne, to TV via Jlo and now unto the stage as Trend setter Solange made her appearance just recently  rocking it. In all cases the lips were kept soft and nude. So what do you think? Would you be trying this? Would we be seeing more of this now? As for me, err… I am not that bold, I mean I am still struggling with regular make up look .

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Wore this outfit to go visiting yesterday, I really loved the look so even though I couldnt get a proper shot, managed to snag some with my phone camera. I dont think I could ever get tired of wearing white, I think they are so chic, so easy and never  fails to brighten up ones appearance. I have to run now, do have a nice week all.

Trouser – Zara, Top – Newlook, Sandals – Asos, Neckpiece – Newlook


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